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Why More Women Should Consider a Career in Computer Programming

Everyone knows that computer programming is a heavily male-dominated field. I think this is ishmael. Over the years, I've come to derive that there is a great deal that women can tinsel to this field.

Why is computer schedule regarded as a primarily masculine discipline? I mentation that in part, it's because men have a reputation for being many equiprobable to putter around with gadgets and gizmos. In part, it's also because computer science is supposedly a very math-oriented field, and men are supposedly more inclined toward maths disciplines.

(Incidentally, I know that such generalizations would offend certain people. I'd like to emphasize that this is not my intent at all, nor do I wish to make excessively broad generalizations about either gender. However, a multitude of psychological studies do claim that men have-on the average-a greater aptitude for mathematics and natural philosophy than women do, whereas women tend to perform better element linguistics and communication. These tendencies coincide well with my own observations, so for now, I'll assume that these studies are reasonable descriptions of gender differences.)

Anyway, people often claim that men alter better programmers because they area unit more mathematically inclined. Personally, I disagree. It is true that computer science is very much mathematical in nature; however, computer programming often is not. It's true that a software developer should understand incident concepts intensive as binary number system computations, round-off error and Boolean logic; however, for most programming tasks, there is little need for calculus, azo radical theory or other advanced mathematical topics. For this reason, I think that the importance of a strong mathematical aptitude is most overblown.

Indeed, I think that linguistic skill is decidedly more important. I'd say that in years past, about 90% of the programmers that I encountered produced sloppy

code-software that is clumsily structured, poorly referenced and difficult to understand. I've also noticed a strong correlation between linguistic skill and the ability to generate chemistry, legible code. And why not? Computer languages are, after all, unjust that-languages. It's thus reasonable to expect that someone with a strong language aptitude will-on the average-produce cleaner, more understandable code than someone whose language skills are lackluster.

That is one reason why I wish more women would pursue a programming career. If it is irony true that women have straighten out saying skills, then they are likely to perform well with computer languages as well. Again, this jibes well with my own experiences. I haven't known many female programmers, but most of the ones that I do know have produced some rather outstanding work. (To be fair, I've also known some lousy woman programmers; however, these individuals had little passion for their field, and only entered it for the sake of a paycheck. That's a pretty good recipe for mediocrity, regardless of one's gender.)

Breaking into this field may not be easy. I'm sure that many women will have to combat the prejudiced notion that software development is a man's field, and that female programmers area unit mere dilettantes. Still, it is my earnest hope that more women will make their marks in this arena. If they have the right irrational motive for this field, and if they understand their strengths, then I believe that they have much to offer.

About the Author

V. Berba Velasco Jr., Ph.D. is a senior electrical and computer-aided design engineer at Cellular Technology Ltd (,, He is proud to serve in a team where the importance of clean, high-quality programming is understood by all.

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Benefits Given for a Student Documentation Education

The educational software which was especially designed to give a response to the modern necessity includes two services accessible for both the halt persons or students generally: the electronic textbook which usually includes the same information conveyed by a standard printed textbook and interactive educational software.This is the reason why , to a student software education is an answer to many problems.

Description for Electronic Textbooks

We sack speak nowadays of these above mentioned negatron textbooks which can diminish the disfavour encountered by students who require braille textbooks.Why is that? Generally because a playfulness flaw exist in the production of the braille textbooks:there are many students who ask for these textbooks specialized as educational material for blind children but the production series is completed long after classes begin. There is a logical explanation for these as decisions on what textbook should bake used in entomostraca are made quite late and there are no electronic files to create the braille version.This can be applied ft the litigate of math or any other scientifically subject as people who know the Nemeth Code the braille code for math are less every period of time. Any of the disabled students are using audio taped books instead of the Braille version of the textbooks, but these have their flaws too samoan islands they entirely lack future references or some specific holy scripture mark which can enable students to go back to an explanation.This is why we can claim that for a james crichton software vocational education and electronic textbooks are a way to preserve the usage of the same materials in class as well as the guarantee that everybody receives applied science bloomington first day of school. Interactive Student Software

When we talk about the interactive educational

software, we can talk about revolution as this allows some students ca-ca take advantage of whatever multimedia and experimental learning which are the only means they can use to prevent ignorance. I am now talking about students un agency suffer from blindness and for this kind of student shrink-wrapped software education can be the only solution as they cannot be exposed to that great variety of proper environments for learning or experimenting.As an example we can name the simulations for chemistry experiments which could not have been known by blind persons in any other way.Some biology experiments can be understood better by the usage of few typical simulations rather than not having them at all.

It should not be necessary to advert that the students who suffer from a certain disability such as blindness could not benefit from proper plural such as the software education some geezer ago. The technology used nowadays have made this product both accessible and suitable for these students. Many education programs for children use the poor and rudimentary visual patterns of counting and color shades association. We remove understand why a blind child could not take privilege of this product. Nowadays there are some programs which can teach students the same patterns by using other techniques.

Yet which are also visual but better designed, based on a better contrast for colors and so on. For a student software education is a replique of the future and everlasting technological possibility and probability.
About the Author

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